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Robert De Niro on Donald Trump'I can't wait to.

11/10/2019 · “The gall of the people around Trump who defend him’Robert De Niro during filming for The Graham Norton Show on Friday. Photograph: Isabel Infantes/PA Robert De Niro has renewed his criticism of Donald Trump, calling the US head of state a “gangster president” and saying he “can’t. 29/09/2019 · No stranger to publicly denouncing the President, Robert De Niro has once again slammed Donald Trump in a new — and rare — interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources.” “This guy should not be president. Period,” De Niro says. Stelter asks De Niro how he felt about. 29/09/2019 · The actor and longtime Trump foe Robert De Niro has hit back against his critics at Fox News, saying “Fuck ’em” – live on CNN. Speaking to Reliable Sources on Sunday morning, De Niro said Donald Trump “should not be president, period”. “And when you say that, folks on Fox come after.

10/11/2019 · Trump-bashing Hollywood actor Robert De Niro continued his criticism of the president Saturday during an appearance on MSNBC. The 76-year-old star of “The Irishman,” who has made a career out of pretending to be a mobster, told host Joy Reid he didn’t think Trump. 06/12/2018 · President Donald Trump did not mince words on Tuesday in his response to Robert De Niro, who issued a profanity-laden rebuke of the president at the Tony Awards over the weekend. “Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual, has received to many shots to the head by real boxers in movies. I. Robert De Niro was the first guest on the premiere of The Alec Baldwin Show on ABC. While there, he expressed concern for the many Republican politicians who continue to support Donald Trump in spite of the things he has said and done. De Niro said, “Many of these people who are tied to Trump are going to be tainted for the [].

12/06/2018 · President Trump wasted no time after tying a bow on his meeting with Kim Jong-un to finally punch back, so to speak, at the actor Robert De Niro, who spent the last couple of days publicly slamming the president, going as far as to use profanity during the Tony Awards on Sunday night. “____ Trump. 20/04/2019 · Robert De Niro has criticised Donald Trump again, calling the US president a “total loser” and “wannabe gangster”. The actor has been involved in a long-running dispute with Trump, saying “fuck Trump” at the Tony awards last year. Actor Robert De Niro blasted President Donald Trump as worse than he ever could have imagined during an appearance on CNN where he also had some choice words for his Fox News critics. "It has to happen," De Niro told CNN's Brian Stelter on "Reliable Sources" of the. 29/09/2019 · Whether onscreen or off, Robert De Niro’s never been one to mince words. Now, his straight talk has turned the air blue at CNN. De Niro, currently starring in the new Martin Scorsese film The Irishman, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday morning, where the outspoken Trump. 26/11/2019 · Robert De Niro has lashed out again at Donald Trump, saying living under his presidency is 'like living in an abusive household.' Speaking to Stephen Colbert on CBS's The Late Show on Monday, the actor also called Trump a 'gangster', and expressed his admiration for Democratic hopefuls Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg.

09/11/2019 · Famed actor Robert De Niro took aim at President Trump during a Saturday morning appearance on the MSNBC program AM Joy. During the interview, host Joy Reid asked the two-time Academy Award winner what his thoughts were pertaining to the. 11/06/2018 · Tell us how you really feel Robert De Niro.

Robert De Niro says Trump ‘wouldn’t last long’ as.

27/09/2019 · Robert De Niro was not afraid to express his support for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. “I hope he gets impeached, it has to be followed through,” De Niro told Variety’s Marc Malkin at the New York Film Festival opening night premiere of the Netflix film “The Irishman. 12/06/2018 · But a review of De Niro's history of deriding Trump — in public, on video, in speeches, in interviews, at press conferences — shows that "idiotic behavior" is the mildest insult De Niro has aimed at Trump over the years. Trump has been relentless in. 14/10/2019 · Robert De Niro has launched a fresh attack on Donald Trump, saying he is a "monster" who is "too stupid to even know he's evil". Speaking at The Irishman's European premiere at the BFI London Film Festival's closing night gala, the 76-year-old told Sky News: "Trump is a monster. He's a monster. 29/09/2019 · Robert De Niro, a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, had some choice words for Fox News during a Sunday-morning sit-down with CNN’s Brian Stelter. During an appearance on Reliable Sources, the Irishman star said that he supported the Democrats’ decision to launch a. I thought he should yeah, I was disappointed that he finally didn't, but I think he sees right now that he has to jump in because he has to jump in. are you concerned that you know the idea that you have yet another billionaire coming in and saying you'll save the world. I mean that was Trump's theme, But Trump is not a billionaire.

Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual,. This is the United States of America, Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump is the President of the United States. True Americans acknowledge that and, for the sake of the nation, hope he succeeds. Anything less is unpatriotic. 89. Robert De Niro was the first guest on the premiere of The Alec Baldwin Show on ABC. While there, he expressed concern for the many Republican politicians who continue to support Donald Trump in spite of the things he has said and done. 20/11/2019 · Robert De Niro has a dire prediction about the presidency of Donald Trump. Were the president elected to a second term, it wouldn’t surprise De Niro if Trump started a war to keep himself in office for a third term, he said in an interview with the Daily Beast this week. The harsh words for the.

29/09/2019 · Robert De Niro couldn’t care less if Fox News doesn’t like his outspoken critiques of President Donald Trump. Responding to a prompt from CNN’s Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources Sunday morning—”When you say that, folks on Fox come after you. I remember the Tonys when you got up there and cursed”—De Niro replied, “Fuck ’em. 11/10/2019 · Robert De Niro has taken fresh swipes at Donald Trump, branding the U.S. president a “dirty player” who is attempting to destroy institutions to “save himself.” The Oscar-winning actor was speaking onstage at the BFI London Film Festival ahead of the international premiere Sunday of “The. 06/01/2019 · ‘Trump’s a con artist and what bothers me is that people don’t see that’De Niro. Photograph: Christopher Lane/Guardian; grooming by Lynda Eichner for Trees and Flowers for Skin, shot on location at The Greenwich Hotel, Tribeca, NYC Here, with Orson Welles and Spike Lee on. Robert De Niro can’t even get a break from his Trump Derangement Syndrome to promote his latest movie, “The Irishman.” He took his time on “Late Night With Stephen Colbert” to alienate potential conservative movie watchers by once again insulting Donald Trump by calling him a “fake president” among other things. When asked if Trump is “preforming,” De Niro said, “In some ways, I think he is as I think some of these other pundits on Fox are too, because I can’t believe that they would actually buy into this craziness.” Host Brian Stelter said, “When you say that, folks on Fox come after you.

In what will probably be one of CNN’s highest-rated segments of the year, which is not saying much, actor Robert De Niro went on a vulgar tirade attacking President Trump. As can be expected from their poor production value, they did not run the live segment in a delay and the two f-words went out on air Sunday morning. CNN host Brian Stelter. 29/09/2019 · Robert De Niro turns 75 today. The celebrated actor has won two Oscars and several other honors. But today, we aren't celebrating his acting; we're celebrating his history staunch disdain for President Donald Trump. Here is a timeline of De Niro's Trump insults, dating back to 2011.

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